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Reference Materials:

Treasury Management
involves providing and protecting funding, and using the elements of working capital to increase liquidity. Cash Management is the movement of funds through payment systems, using banking and other financial services to optimize liquidity. Effective Treasury Management ensures adequate funding and security for your business’ financial operations.  To achieve these cost objectives efficiently requires expert financial knowledge and skill.  Designing a tailored cash management system requires getting the best tools and products to meet these needs; and, when done right, Treasury Management pays for itself many times over. 

Our reference materials are divided into three categories:

white papers, booklets, and articles:

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  • Volk, Claudia: “The Whys and Wherefores of Short-Term Investment Policies”
  • Download  [PDF File]

  • Volk, Claudia: “Managing the Request for Proposal and the Proposal
    Review Process

    Download  [MS Word document]

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  • Volk, Claudia: “Cash Management Primer: An Introduction to the Fundamentals

    Download  [PDF file]

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  • Volk, Claudia: “New SOX 404 Compliance Guidance: A Return to Value-Added Audit Services?” TreasuryPulse, Insights from Cash Management, US | Deutsch Bank

    Download  [ PDF File]

  • Volk, Claudia: “What Would You Do? Rules for Direct Deposits” | AFP Exhange
  • Download  [PDF file]

  • Ketchen, Richard: “The Benefits (and Secrets) of Successful Cash Forecasting”
    TreasuryPoint.com | SEI Investments Development Corporation

    Download  [PDF File]

  • Beyond Treasury Management Newsletter—from Hibernia National Bank:
    “Want to Minimize Fraud Losses? Focus on Employee Crime”

    Download  [ MS Word doc]



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