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CJVolk Associates
has extensive experience in all aspects of cash and treasury management, including the following: internal control, reengineering, reconciliation, business continuity, and risk management.  In addition to treasury consulting, CJVolk Associates provides a thorough analysis of our clients’ financial and treasury systems capabilities. Additionally, we offer a careful, start-upassessment of our clients’ financial systems.  This assessment allows us Cash is the Lifeblood of Your Businessto gain a full understanding of a client’s financial operating systems and cash flow, and aids usin preparing sound, practical advice and recommendations. A thoroughassessmentis is the key ingredient to developing customized, innovative, and efficientprocessing solutions that will satisfy our clients’ needs, in the most effective ways. 

We define and implement:

  • Treasury workstations
  • Lockbox applications
  • Positive pay programs
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable systems
  • Purchase card programs
  • Electronic bill presentment programs
  • NACHA compliant e-commerce programs

We offer technical assistance with:

  • Start up cash management programs
  • Development, review, and documentation of policies and procedures
  • Selection of banking services
  • Credit card programs
  • Reengineering cash management operations

Getting the right Cash Management tools and products will streamline your bottom line.

Our financial services include:

  • Selection of Banking and Financial Services:
    Designing and implementing a tailored cash management system requires knowing the best tools and products to meet a company's needs.  CJVolk Associates stays on top of the latest products and regulatory developments in the banking and financial services industry.  We have extensive experience in preparing and implementing Requests for Proposals; negotiating bank pricing; credit card payment processing; treasury workstation software; and custodial and safekeeping contracts. 

  • Electronic Commerce Initiatives:
    E-commerce continues to grow and offer more solutions to benefit even the smallest company.  From the efficiency of payroll direct deposit, to accepting electronic payments over the Internet, cost savings and customer convenience cannot be overlooked in putting together an effective treasury management strategy.  Electronic bill presentment and payment services are offered by a number of companies, but which ones are going to be around next year?  How will payments received electronically be posted to your systems?  We know the solutions and vendors that can address these issues and many more.  From the simple on-line banking systems, to the NACHA pilot programs allowing consumer-initiated electronic links to the Internet; we can help you select the most appropriate systems and programs for your company.

  • Reengineering, Outsourcing, and Systems Integration:
    CJVolk Associates has extensive experience in evaluating and documenting existing systems, and developing forward-looking systems to maximize cost savings and productivity.  Should you consider a lockbox arrangement for collections?  Will the accounts receivable system be able to process credit card receipts automatically? Would there be a savings if you outsourced payables?  Do you really need to add more staff or is there a way to automate?  Our group has experience in all areas of treasury management organization.  We’ve set up departments for new companies; worked with large organizations to analyze existing practices; and implemented treasury workstations to automate daily routines and move information from the bank, into the accounting systems, accurately and efficiently.

  • Treasury Workstations:
    Treasury Workstations can revolutionize the way treasury and cash management is conducted.  A successful implementation of these systems enhances productivity and increases the control of funds.  However, to fully leverage this technology requires that work processes, controls, and even the banking services be reexamined.  CJVolk Associates has extensive experience in successfully implementing these systems.  Our functional and technical experts can work with you to develop requirements, review, evaluate, and select the appropriate vendor to fit your needs.  We can even provide qualified project managers to oversee installation, perform acceptance testing, and provide customized training of your staff.

  • Treasury Toolkits:
    Treasury Toolkits are individual modules, rather than a complete Treasury Workstation system, which are used to address specific information and automation requirements. CJVolk Associates can provide a wide variety of technical services to help you obtain and utilize information.  Whether the data is lodged within your financial system or at your bank, our group has the experience you need to develop the necessary interfaces, create the financial models, or to simply produce regular reports that tell you what you need to know within minutes, rather than days! 

  • Policies and Procedures:
    Protection of funds means control: Specifically, the implementation of policies and procedures to safeguard your assets.  CJVolk Associates has evaluated and designed treasury management systems; created investment policies; written procedure manuals, as well as implemented safekeeping contracts for large and small corporations, local governments, and non-profit organizations.  Whether it’s determining the daily armored pickup schedule; Efficiency in Cash Management means consolidation... Protection of funds means control.documenting the step-by-step process to produce the daily cash report; or defining the terms and conditions for overnight repurchase agreements, our staff has the answers for you!

  • Presentations and Training:
    Changes, even positive ones, can sometimes create discomfort and confusion.  CJVolk Associates believes that knowledge is critical for the full benefit of treasury management innovations to be realized.  Our solutions aren’t complete until you have a thorough understanding of the systems we have helped you to implement, through our informative and educational trainings and presentations. 


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